IMG_1832£70 per hour in Central London Gallery visits £120, plus expenses

Telephone session
Before your first one to one session with me we will have a telephone conversation to help me prepare for our session. Usually this consists of me listening to your thoughts and developing, even the tiniest glimmer of, an idea into a project. This gives me time to ponder and think of relevant artists and techniques to help build a plan for your coursework.
If you have been given a project from your school I will ask you to email it to me so that I can prepare some ideas to get you started.

During the session I will teach you a range of techniques to use. I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve and a collection of materials to draw on, including mono printing, collage, appliqué, water-colours, acrylics, mod-roc, papier-mâché, collage and assemblage.

A session with me will help you get motivated, as we will be working from your ideas so your interest in the topic will already be awakened. Once you have something you want to express the way to do it will naturally come to you.
Most students feel that they have nothing to say, I have years of experience in helping the most stuck students realise that what interests them is often of significance to many people. It may be as simple as the story line in your favorite soap, movie, or novel. Think about it now…..
Usually those kind of story lines have a universal significance, meaning that they relate to lots of people, once you touch on something like that you find you have lots to say and that it is important in a social context.

Research and analysis
In my 20 odd years of teaching Art and Design I have turned thousands of tiny seeds of ideas into meaningful projects and have a huge knowledge of Art History, so can always help you back up ideas and contextualise them in a way that will give your ideas credibility. I will help you connect your work with your research to create lively and exciting pages and worksheet that reflect your understanding of the artists you chose to study.

Frequency of sessions
Usually people feel motivated after one session and book further sessions if they get stuck again. It’s an organic process, some of you are off and away after one session, others come weekly, others fortnightly and some come at the start of a new project when they are feeling particularly shaky. You are welcome to phone to clarify things after your session.

Gallery visits
You should attend as many galleries and exhibitions as possible, the more you see the easier it becomes to understand the meaning in the works of art. This is an essential component in your coursework. Moderators love to see that you have a broad range of knowledge when it comes to understanding the artists you have researched and that you are motivated to work from primary source materials.

I am happy to take you and one or two friends to museums and galleries in order to teach you how to respond to the work while we are there.

Here I am with the papier-mâché Buddha that I made.

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